Information for overseas customers : Due to the high shipping rates for parcels, we found a solution to ship very small items like our G-TRIMS in smaller parcels ( letter shipment ) . Customers from the USA can order these articles for a 15,- Euros shipping rate from now on !


Please contact us, if you wish this kind of shipping, as we have yet not included the new DHL module in our shop software.




We recommend to register in the shop system, as prices may appear including 19% VAT ! Our Payment system includes bank transfer and Paypal





                                         General information on Overseas shipments:

Overseas orders, especially from America and Australia, can lead to extreme shipping times. Usually parcels arrive in the regular shipping time, but we experienced parcels that could not be tracked for a long time, finally arriving after three months. The reason for this is simply the chaos around Corona. Due to a shortage of airplanes, parcels are very often transported by ships. Additionally, parcels are sometimes not tracked regularly due to the Corona -chaos. A missing tracking leads to the misunderstanding that the parcel is supposed to be lost - in fact it is on the way to the customer. As customers expect their parcels in an acceptable time, we had to make jet pipes twice and send a second parcel. This is very expensive for us and unbearable for the future. The forwarders informed us, that the regular shipping time is not guaranteed. A parcel that did not arrive in time is not covered by the insurance and we do not get any compensation, as long as the forwarder clearly identifies it to be lost. Therefor, we can no longer take responsibility for abnormal shipping delays. Export customers should accept this before they order.

Please note our company address has changed in 2020 !


Industriestraße 41

72585 Riederich



New products
G-TRIM silver

62,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
1 x 'G-TRIM silver' order


62,00 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
1 x 'G-TRIM BLACK' order
Piano hinge

Our own production - you won`t find this anywhere else !

15,01 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
1 x 'Piano hinge "Mini", 9mm' order
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