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April, 17th, 2024

Me-262 kit update

From now on, our Me 262 kits are completely painted in RLM 65 ( light blue ). The 2 pack Acrylic paint is applied in the molds. As the light blue is very prominent on the sides as well , your model requires only the green/ brown camouflage pattern on the top side. A big time saving. The picture shows the latest kit, it appears grey, but in real life it is light blue !

February, 29th, 2024

Finally we have finished the work on the new F-100D Super Sabre cockpits. The kit comes with a 19 page building manual.

February, 18th, 2024

Finally we maidened our large Heinkel He 162 ! Congratulations to Tobi - the very nose heavy model was a challenge to fly.

February, 9th, 2024

Our Me 262 has now completely redesigned main wheels. These wheels are much lighter, feature highly resistant tyres and scale rims with nice detail !

October 2023 til New year

Many new jet pipes in the Shop, like :

RV-8 Turboprop,

Horizon Hobby Viper,

F-100 1/7.5 Skymaster,

Gryphon Evo,

Me 163 Sunshine 1/3.3,


Rebel Hot,

and many more new articles


September, 10th, 2023

We added a lot of new products in the jet pipe and turboprop section over the last weeks. Amongst these is a turboprop exhaust system for the Flex Innovation RV-8. As you see, this is a rather unconventional conversion and we noticed, that many modellers power their prop models with turboprops these days. You have a strange project on the work bench ? We make the exhausts !

June , 26th, 2023

Kuwait bought a large number of Eurofighters. I liked the new desert camouflage so much, that I painted our EDF- Eurofighter in this scheme. The model was originally a record model ( I won a bet ! ) , without painting, retracts and any extras, it weighed in at exactly 5000 grams ! It has a 100 mm Jetfan, running on 8S 4500. Now, after installing the new Electron retracts, brakes, full cockpit and the paint job, it has a weight of 6700 grams - still a record...

January, 17th, 2023

We finally finished the building manuals for the F-100D and its ready for download

NOVEMBER 17th, 2022

The shop includes now retracts, wheels and legs for our F-100 kit


September 20th, 2022

We`re back from the fair, which was a full success for GRUMANIA JETS. It was such a pleasure to see you all again and to meet new customers. Many interesting talks, new ideas and lots of orders lets us look forward for the next Jets&Props in 23`. Thank you for visiting our stand !



ITS JETPOWER TIME ! ( Jets&Props ) We are currently packing the cars and are happy to see you all again after the much too long Corona brake !

We will bring some new products to the fair ! You can expect something...

JULY 2022

The current issue of Jet International tested one of our world famous V-SPLIT jet pipes. These have been developed by GRUMANIA JETS around 2001 and it was one of the big successes in the GRUMANIA history. Once again ( here it is a bifurcated pipe for the T-1 Models Eurofighter )  we made proof , that our V-SPLIT pipes are the most efficient, the most quiet and the coolest bifurcated jet pipes in the world. Unfortunately the author made a little mistake by writing "..., just after a few weeks , the pipe arrived". Everyone who knows GRUMANIA JETS, knows that this is an error in the text.

June 2022

After extensive tests and prototyping, we are now happy to offer the all new INTERMEDIATE II jet pipe. It has been designed to fill the gap between 40-80N  and the 80-160N pipes. The new pipe is of special interest , where space in the model is limited. With the INTERMEDIATE II jet pipe, you can use engines around 100N ( 80-130N ) in smaller models, that could not take our 80-160N pipes. Together with the INTERMEDIATE I, we now offer optimized jet pipes for all engines from 15 to 300 N - optimized to your needs. More info is found in the article description.


March 2022

There will be a JetPower fair this year again. The new fair includes prop planes and is now named Jets&Props. We have already registered and will be happy to see you all again at our stand in September !

January 2022

With the appearance of the new K30 turboprop engine, we immediately designed a new welding tool, to be able to supply you with tailormade exhaust systems. Just like the regular size pipes, these mini pipes are made to order and we design it to fit your model, considering scale appearance and the required asymmentry of left and right exhaust. Ask us - we are happy to advise and find a solution for your project.

 October 2021

The first F-100 kit just arrived from our new manufacturer! The parts are light and strong and we are currently calculating the selling price for the model. The model will be adjusted to the newer , smaller 45 N engines ( X45 / Kingtech 45 G3 ). Compared to the older kit with the much heavier engines of that time, the overall weigh will be much lower, this guarantees much better slow flying characteristics. We keep you in touch with news.

August 2021

Due to countless inquiries over the last 10 years : Our 1/10 scale F-100 that became famous many years ago, will be relaunched probably. In the older days, it was powered by Wren 44`s. With the appearance of new , lighter engines ( X45 / KG 45 ) , this super scale model deserves a second chance. It was and still is the most detailed F-100 in the world, with incredible surface detailing. We have the molds on the table and I figure out, if a new production is worth the effort. Will let you know about progress...


1. The 30% scale Heinkel He 162, a project that we already introduced some year ago at JetPower, is on the building board again. The revolutionary building technique, that made our Me 262 world famous, is used on the big Heinkel as well. The model is mostly built after original plans, the wings for example have the same ribs and stringers under the skin. This technique is not only strong and light, but creates an unbelievably realistic surface. Although the surface material is glass fibre, the wing gives the impression of an all wood construction, just like the full size Heinkel.




2. We are also making helicopter exhaust systems now, such as the shown Alouette2 exhaust, that we designed around the JetCat PHT 2 engine. The super light pipe includes our own design G-FIX system, that is setting standards. No drilling on engine or exhaust needed, this system is fixed on your helicopter in seconds !



3. Something we are well known for years now - Turboprop exhaust systems !

We are constantly enlarging our portfolio as new turboprop engines and new model kits are entering the market. Amongst these new pipes we developed over the last time, you can see the Turboporter exhaust stacks below. These are made in different sizes for different engine types.

If you don`t find any system in our online shop that fits your  engine/ model, ask us. We are taking (almost) every challenge, to make things possible that others can not.



4. The worlds most successful vector system G-VECTOR, that is used in hundreds of jets all around the globe, ia already available in a smaller version- the G-VECTOR MINI. The new generation of mini sport jets that entered the marked by storm, lead to our INTERMEDIATE jet pipe, especially designed around the X45, Kingtech 45 and engines in a similar thrust range.

Brand new and just in production is our all new  G-VECTOR MICRO. This slip on vector system fits over our Intermediate jet pipe and compensates the feared trim changes that usually happen when the pipe expands during flight. For the first time ever, a 45N-powered mini sport jet is now able to fly the same extreme maneuvers, that are usually associated with large sport jets. The G-VECTOR MICRO is giving you this extra fun factor !



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