Retract electronics RB-45, version eVo30 77,35 EUR
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Retract electronics RB-45, version eVo30
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Retract electronics RB-45, version eVo30
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The electronic control system is designed by Gaspar Espiell (Xicoy). This small, compact and light system (only 19gr) is able to control the 3 retract units, rudder servo, and a magnetic brake system.

This version is preset for the eVo30 retract system.

The elctronics also feature brake control and BRAKED STEERING,i.e. steering is possible through asymmetrical brake action.The electronics require a separate 2S-Lipo battery (not part of the set), that is separated from the RX power system.

The programming is a very easy and fast procedure :

Please study the retract wiring diagram carefully before any connection of components, to avoid short circuits, that will lead to destruction of the electronic unit !


 Programming Gear and Brakes:



Step #1   Upon receiving your unit, connect all three of the gear legs. Next connect the inputs from your RX to your RB-45, Gear Inputs, Brakes (if applicable) Rudder Servo and Rudder Input (steering servo).



Step#2   Now you must solder your power leads to a multiplex connector. You will notice there are three pins for the POS and NEG. It is recommened that you use the three pins for each lead. ( Better load distribation), CHEKING THE POLARITY TWICE following the label indications



Step#3     With your TX ON, hold the led button down and now turn on the power to your RX, and now release the led button. You will now get a single flash which indicates the start of the programming mode.



Step#4     Put the radio in the gear up position and repress the led button. You will now see two flashes on led.



Step#5     Put radio in the gear down position, and repress led button. You will see three flashes and this will be start of brake programming.



Step#6       Put the radio switch for brakes in the O% position and press the led button. You will now see four flashes.



Step#7       Put the radio switch for brakes in the 100% position and press led button again. You will see five flashes, ( configuration for rudder servo set up)



NOTE.   If you do not have brakes, just press the led button twice to skip the brakes calibration. You will see five flashes and now, press the led and this will set the sterring servo position and complete the programming.



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