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VT 80 THE modellers turbine !
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Its not often that you get more for less.This new turbine is a revolution in turbine technology , making it the user friendliest model engine in the world.
In built ECU, valves & kero burner - just the pump and battery outside the engine - no hassle with all these cables,fuel or gas lines !
Best of all - this engine comes from one of the longest established turbine manufacturers with decades of experience and a proven track record.
Don`t let the price fool you - this is turbine technology at its best.
-An all new ecu design with a state of the art, powerful processor. More user friendly, easier to setup.
-The increased processor power enables the ecu to check the engine parameters and processes 500 times a second for a smooth and precise control, fast startup and precise RPM control. RPM measurement resolution is now 10RPM and EGT is read with a precision of 0.5ºC.  
-The "black box" function stores the relevant parameters from the engine once each 0.5s, keeping the recorded data of the last  50 minutes of the engine run time, independently of the number of startup cycles.
-Automatic battery  detection:  Supports 7,4V Lipo and 9,9V A123 batteries  automatically.

-Integrated sensors:   The sensors are contained in the same board as the ecu, reducing the possibility of a connection/wiring error or failure to a minimum, this is the cause of the most usual problems. The temperature sensor is installed internally on the engine, protected and reducing the possibility of damage.

-Integrated valves:  The solenoid valves are part of the  fuel system inside the engine, reducing the tubing and wiring to a minimum, reducing cost and reducing greatly the possibility of failures and installation errors.
-Ecu, sensors, fuel igniter and valves can be replaced  without full engine disasembly, making the maintenance very easy.
 -New  BRUSHLESS ( ! ) fuel pump. Manufactured by Jets-Munt, the fuel pump include a ball bearing motor for long life and precise fuel control. Thanks to this innovative design, the fuel pump can be installed in vertical position or in a bulkhead, without the need of a special support.

Guaranteed  thrust in ISA conditions:     80N (18lb) at 150.000 RPM 
                   Idle thrust:               4.5N (1lb)
                   Idle RPM:                 45,000
                   Diameter: 90.5mm (3.56”) ,Length 217mm (8,5")
                   Engine weight:         950g (2.1lb) . Including integrated ecu and valves
                   Installed weight:       1,075g (2,37lb) all included less battery.
                   Fuel:                        Kerosene + 4% oil (synthetic 2T motorcycle oil or turbine oil).
                   Fuel consumption at 80N: 220g/min 

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